May 17, 2019, 6:41 pm

Lightspeed and Never Apart founder Dax Dasilva joined Natasha, Anthony and Taylor on The F Words to discuss his new book Age of Union and some of its intriguing points. Here are the top five things you should know from the podcast courtesy of Dax himself.

#1: Age Of Union was written to help people stop thinking of themselves through their projects. Dax says, “building yourself as the best instrument to take your projects to where they need to be will ignite the flame inside you.”

#2: Dax describes our souls as under nourished. “The soul will burn down to its embers, but will never fully extinguish. When we nourish the soul with things that benefit our personal development, the flame inside us grows.”

#3: Everyone has the responsibility to take care of their body, Dax says. “Your physical health works with your mental health in bettering yourself to become the best instrument you can be.”

#4: Dax insists taking some ‘me’ time is key. “Take time out of your week to leave work aside and do something that is just for the soul. These are the acts that connect you to a greater purpose.”

#5: Last but not least, Dax says “when you have pure intentions about things, it gives you clarity!” We couldn’t agree more.

Listen to the full podcast here!



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