Say Something: July 15

July 15, 2013, 6:53 pm

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At NKPR we always strive to be on the cusp of what’s happening and what’s new. After all – our motto is “Don’t just talk. Say something.”  Check out our weekly summary of the latest news, PR updates, social media trends and highlights that are on our radar.

With a price tag of $12.4 billion, Loblaw has purchased Shoppers Drug Mart; this is huge news in Canadian business! What does this mean for the two brands? We’re excited to see what direction this collaboration takes. [CBC]

So…what makes for a successful YouTube ad? Learn from the best with this compilation of the most popular ads in Canada. Ask yourself questions like what do these successes have in common…successfully engaging impatient YouTube viewers is a huge feat for brands. [Marketing Mag]

How does a B-lister TV-movie like Sharknado gain overnight Hollywood status? Twitter. This is an unknown-feat for a TV movie and showcases the power of celebrity influence. [Mashable]

Cameron Russell speaks of her career as a model as a result of ‘winning the genetic lottery’; her tell-all approach to the industry has lead to her newest project, Interrupt Mag, created to give women a voice that challenges the media’s beauty standards. A very inspiring story with a unique perspective.  [Huffington Post]