Say Something: July 8

July 8, 2013, 6:00 pm

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At NKPR we always strive to be on the cusp of what’s happening and what’s new. After all – our motto is “Don’t just talk. Say something.”  Check out our weekly summary of the latest news, PR updates, social media trends and highlights that are on our radar.

What we’re watching at NKPR…Isaac Mizrahi shares his 6 favourite TEDTalk videos that inspire and educate. Some very interesting videos here, especially those pertaining to fashion and our beloved New York City! [Mashable]

Facebook is at it again, this time with Graph Search, a new search engine that enhances users’ searches for people, places, photos and more. Yet another update that can be utilized by brands; optimized searches result in greater exposure and targeting abilities. [Business Insider]

Society is more multicultural than ever, yet the fashion industry can be slow to respond. Keep this in mind the next time you browse a magazine or runway show…are you satisfied with the industry’s efforts at representing diversity?  [Fashionista]

More news in social media…Vine (the original video sharing app) has released 3 new features in response to Instagram’s recent video instalment.  Vine now offers the ability to ‘revine’, categorizes videos by theme and has developed an enhance camera. It’s great to see the company staying innovative, a challenge all platforms face in an industry where copy-cat features are a permanent threat. [Tech Crunch]

Just in…no cash? No problem. Coca-Cola is set to install Interac-Flash equipped vending machines, starting with machines at the Calgary Stampede. A great example of why Coca-Cola is a leader in the marketplace; positioning a new and exciting feature at a buzz worthy event results in maximum exposure. [Marketing Mag]