Sympli Your Way Fall 2021 Campaign

September 30, 2021, 8:30 pm

Have you seen the latest fall campaign from NKPR client Sympli?  Sympli Your Way brings together 5 female entrepreneurs to share their style stories and how their personal style helps them feel confident, while celebrating women in business.  These ladies are all impressive leaders in their own industries, making their mark in the most significant ways.  Although they each approach fashion differently, the common thread when it comes to getting dressed is to look and feel confident, and that’s exactly what Sympli brings to the wardrobe.  

Meet 5 Successful Entrepreneurs

Mary Oliveira, the Chocolatier behind Mary’s Brigadeiro

“I feel really empowered with the clothes that I wear because I need to be in front of the store, with my team members that are inside of the kitchen, settling and running around the city. So I need to be comfy and flexible with the clothes that I’m wearing all the time.”

Trang Trinh, CEO, TREC Brands

“When I’m not fundraising money and meeting with bankers, I’m meeting with growers and bud tenders. I walk my dog during the lunch hour and in the evening. And after, I may need to quickly throw on a pair of heels to attend an event. So I need to have pieces in my wardrobe that are versatile. I want my style to say, ‘She knows what she’s talking about and that she’s a confident woman.’”

Shantelle Bisson, Author

“When I’m comfortable, I feel like I’m actually being authentic to myself and that’s why I like to just keep my vibe pretty simple and straightforward. I like to have pieces that can go from day to night and I can mix and match while never compromising quality. That way, when I go to my work, my genuine, authentic self is represented. I like my style to reflect that you can talk to me about anything and you can ask me anything. I’m an open book!”

Carrie Kirkman, Executive Director, Sympli

“My personal style is clean and simple, but with a pop of something. It helps me feel empowered and confident by not having to actually think about it at all. I’m just feeling great. I love the idea of a foundation wardrobe , where I have my favourite pants, underpinning, and a great jacket. And I think those three pieces can take you anywhere.”

Natasha Koifman, President & Founder, NKPR

“My personal style is very much grounded in sophistication, with a bit of edge. I have worn black, probably for the past two decades, if not more—it makes me feel more confident, more powerful. And I want my style to say that I’m confident. For me, style equates to confidence.”

Photography: @erinleydon

Videography: @imvideo        

Hair & Makeup: @jodiurichuk & @wendyrorong