The #10YearChallenge

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The latest craze taking over social media is the #10YearChallenge.  People are posting photos of themselves from 2007- 2009 comparing what they looked like then, to what they look like now. Over the past few days it’s gone viral, and now everyone in your feed, from your friends to celebrities, are sharing theirs.  Here are a few of the best (starting with our very own NK!).

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#10yearchallenge closer now ❤️❤️

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2008-2018 #10YearChallenge 2008 – I’m married with one baby and just realizing I’ve taken over a mammoth platform in Cityline. I’m unsure of how to feed my baby, what his cries mean, how to stay on top of feelings of inadequacy, how to be myself on tv and how to introduce myself authentically to the country through a screen. I’m smiling. 2018 – I’m married with two children, in full gratitude mode for having taken over the mammoth platform that is Cityline. I’m sure of how to feed my babies (mostly), they verbalize how they feel, I fight feelings of inadequacy with self-reminders of all I’ve achieved, I’ve found my voice on tv and I’ve successfully introduced myself to the country (and beyond) through a screen. I’m smiling. #BlessingsAlways #GratitudeAttitude

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