The IT List: October 27

October 27, 2011, 9:10 pm

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You know the grungy rock shops that sell Bob Marley lighters, flags and T-shirts ad nauseum? So do we, and evidently, so does the Marley family. House of Marley, their line of beverages and now headphones, tackles that and spreads the music legend’s message with a charitable slant.  [MacLean’s]

Bad habit: packing too many shoes. Worse habit: “Well, it’s a trip to Paris so yeah, I’ll be walking a lot, but I also want to look chic. I can totally walk all day in my strappy wedges. Really, I totally can.” No you can’t. Solution is on slide two. [The Globe and Mail]

We’ve promised and we’ve promised that we’d stop talking about IT Lounge and we subsequently broke this promise. So the promise is off. This week we re-lived IT with this cool video.  [T Dot TV]

An interview with Jeanine Lobell, founder of Stila Cosmetics. Also, this is sure to become your new favourite blog.  [Into The Gloss]

If you’ve been putting off the split-end trim, the massage for your desk job-broken back or you just happen to really like facials – what are you waiting for? Beautylicious begins today! Check out for more info.