The NKPR Trenches

September 3, 2010, 6:17 pm

The billboard is up, the furniture is being moved and the appointments are being booked- we’re T-Minus 6 days to the IT Lounge and I’m excited! The energy is so positive and you can feel the buzz in the air. Can you tell I love festival season?

So as most of you know, from September 9th to September 15th, our offices are being transformed into the IT Lounge, a celebrity gifting suite that gives back much more than IT gives out. Fortunately (or possibly unfortunately to my team), my office was the first to be deconstructed, which meant I moved in to “the trenches” with the rest of the office.

Some key learnings from sitting in “the trenches”:
-People don’t love me blasting my music at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon
-Rather than grabbing someone’s attention from across the room, I’ve learned that the appropriate etiquette is to call someone’s extension
-Even better than calling someone’s extension is to respond to their iChat messages
-Once it becomes late afternoon, someone will mention food and then everyone stops what they’re doing to contribute to the discussion of what everyone should have as a snack (today it was leftover pizza and ice cream sandwiches)
-That no matter how busy everyone is right now, I work with the most fun, exciting and energetic team ever

I think I won’t mind not having an office for the next few days…

Before I sign out, I want to remind everyone about our Follow for a Cause campaign. For every new @natashankpr follower until September 15th, I will donate $1 to Artists for Peace and Justice to help fund schools in Haiti.

Have a great weekend!
xo Natasha