Making Waves in Toronto: The Unveiling of Freed Hotel & Residences

March 22, 2024, 1:39 pm

At NKPR, we thrive on crafting strategic PR plans that ignite excitement and captivate audiences. Today, we’re diving into the recent unveiling of Freed Hotel & Residences, a project that not only introduced Toronto to the first-ever Canadian location of Katsuya by sbe Group but also showcased the stunning artwork of renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Let’s rewind and relive the magic!

Crafting the Strategy:

We kicked off this journey by crafting a meticulous media relations and event strategy that would make waves across Toronto and beyond, igniting demand and excitement amongst agents, brokers, and end-users alike. Our aim? To spotlight the groundbreaking collaboration between Freed’s visionary founder, Peter Freed, and the creative powerhouses behind Katsuya and Takashi Murakami. From exclusive interviews to curated events, every detail was meticulously planned to ensure maximum impact and awareness. 

Navigating the Media Landscape:

Over 30 pieces of coverage were secured across Toronto’s most influential media outlets. From the pages of Toronto Star to the digital realms of BlogTO and beyond, the buzz surrounding Freed’s launch reverberated across Canada, amassing over 27 million impressions during the launch period. Expanding on that, we orchestrated exclusive features with Takashi Murakami and Peter Freed, ensuring the story of this real estate collaboration reached an audience of over 4.3 million through a digital cover story and feature interviews.

A Night to Remember:

The highlight of the launch? An unforgettable evening curated by Chef Katsuya himself, where 70 VIP guests were treated to a culinary journey unlike any other. From NBA stars to fashion icons, the guest list was as star-studded as it gets. As the evening unfolded, over 300 guests joined us to celebrate the official launch of the new development, basking in the grandeur of Freed Hotel & Residences and soaking in the artistic brilliance of Takashi Murakami.

Capturing the Moment:

As guests experienced the opulent surroundings of Freed Hotel & Residences, their phones were out to capture and share every moment. From glimpses of Chef Katsuya’s culinary masterpieces to close-ups of Takashi Murakami’s mesmerizing artwork, the digital sphere was ablaze with excitement. With over 20 million impressions generated through event coverage, each post served as a virtual invitation for the world to join in the celebration, ensuring that the magic of Freed’s launch reverberated far beyond the confines of Toronto’s city limits.

In conclusion, as we reflect on the unveiling of Freed Hotel & Residences from concept to reality, one thing is abundantly clear: this project has set a new standard for luxury and innovation in Toronto. At NKPR, we’re honoured to work with incredible visionaries like Peter Freed and his incredible team along with the many partners that made this project come to life.